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singing in the rain
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Thursday-Mar-2011 - This is not an Intro Post
[aph]surfing the net[aph]what are you lo
Hola, Kumusta, Ahn-Nyeong, Tere, Moi-moi, Bonjour, Nǐ Hǎo, Konnichiwa, Hej, Góðan Dag, Ciào, Sveiki, Privet, Sawa Dee-ka…

 (╭ ◡ ╮)ノ~★°

Im Yong-Soo, my partner in crime

Estonia and I
like to "study" together
in his dorm room。
[vocaloid] Gakupo
Hurhrur, so I changed my LJ layout and spent a while coding my profile. I don't know why, though, but it was fun!

Art that is posted here is old @___@;
But I don't have the heart to delete the posts.

Now I need to find a purpose for my LJ. But what...
Thursday-Jun-2010 - Hetalia Paper Children
[aph]surfing the net[aph]what are you lo

Hetalia Paper Children!

Made with ink pens and copic markers and scissors XD
              Includes Canada, HK, Sealand, China, Korea, England. And Izaya.

Stop stalking me, Prussia.Collapse )

Thursday-Jun-2010 - Hetalia + Art Dumping #2
[aph]UH OH
More sketches, yippee! Some of them are from last year, so some are kinda old?

Oh, so just click them to see them bigger, remember? ;D

Who? - Hnnnnn. Prussia/Liechtenstein, cool Japan, bird!Prussia, FACE, doodles of Asians, Cuba/Canada, Prussia/Canada, Latvia/Liechtenstein, Turkey/Canada, France/Korea... Just look and see, ok? X,D

I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you!Collapse )
Thursday-Jun-2010 - Hetalia + Art Dumping
[aph] Ana ~
Decided I needed to put all of these in one place and BEHOLD I rememebered I had a livejournal XD Most of these were posted on tumblr or on my DA before, so they have links. Or *~ never before seen ~*

Super huge, by the way.

Oh, so just click them to see them bigger! >u<

Who? - UH. Prussia, Italichu bros, AustriaHungaryPrussia, Finland w/ Deilibird, Korea dancing to SNSD, Korea n' China, Baltics + Sealand + Poland + Finland, Bad Touch Trio. And they don't belong to me, and these are just meant to be for fun, of course ~

All the girls love the Gilbo. / I call, I call it Chocolate Love ~Collapse )
[aph]surfing the net[aph]what are you lo

Gilbird's Song
Who? - Prussia n' Glibird!
Wait, what's happening? - A small, simple song, written back on May 7ish and originally posted on my tumblr. It's based on Still Alive by Portal,

What happened to you now?Collapse )
[aph]hanging around da ze

Sealandic Marukaite Chikyuu
Who? - Sealand, Latvia, mentions of SuFin Hanatamago, Iceland, England, Prussia
Wait, what's happening? - A fanversion of Sealand's Marukaite Chikyuu ~ Includes rock and steel, not eating salmiakki, and Sealand being... Sealand!

Draw a circle, it's the world!Collapse )

[aph]surfing the net[aph]what are you lo
That Honor Student
Who? - Estonia/Prussia, Germany, Latvia
Wait, what's happening? - De-anoning from the Kink Meme. Smut, with Prussia wearing Estonia's glasses halfway through. Complete with an argument, rough n' playfulness, and awesome boxers.
Caution! - Smut! Smut! XXX!

'So, guys with glasses are always on the bottom, huh?'Collapse )
[aph]bad touch trio love
I'll Make A Nation Out Of You & A Nation Worth Fighting For
- The Axis, Allies, the Bad Friends Trio, Austria + Hungary
Wait, what's happening? - This is what happens when you mix two Mulan songs, Hetalia, and a lame singsongy mood!
Caution! - Alludes to sex

Let's get down to BUSINESSCollapse )

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